Review for doogee mix

This is a really solid phone for the money I paid and could have been 5 stars but for the fibbing.


It feels nice in the hand a decent weight but not so much that it feels like a brick. Part of that is the battery which fairly big and gives a day long usage for the most part.
Charging is very quick a full charge in a couple hours.

The screen on mine looks nice bright and vibrant but with a slight greying to the blacks but overall quite acceptable.
Sound is ok however there is a twin grill but only one speaker.
This is where the minor marketing deceptions start to mount up
The twin camera is not real in fact the second camera sensor on mine is not even facing forward but upwards.
The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth aerials are on the weak side

Bezel-less or FULL DISPLAY as they call it is a stretch of the imagination on their part. I am holding mine now and it is very apparent that it has a much bigger bezel than the Pictures show. Personally it borders on false advertising and should be looked into and it is rumoured that 60% of the phone manufactures/ importers have followed this trend. Photoshopped images and dual fake camera sensors.
We kind of forgive them because the price, I have too because it is a good phone once you have your eyes open.
The other daft thing is they apply screen protectors in the factory, great I thought accept 1 they are smaller than the screen and 2 they got speck of dirt and air bubbles and sent it out like that. However there is a second one in the box. I have just ignored it

So is it a good phone – Well yes I really like it and find it good for me while I haven’t actually rang anybody I have used lots of apps and filled it up with some music. I have used the camera and it merely ok.

So a slightly deceptive marketing ploy has not ruined the phone for me just minor disappointment.


Review for Corsair Gaming Premium Aluminium Headset Stand with 7.1 Surround Sound

 I have had the chance to review this free retail sample and here are my thoughts.

The ST100 is an attractive premium stand with a built-in DAC (soundcard) for 7.1 surround sound (or stereo) plus a two port USB 3.1 hub. It is reassuringly heavy with a solid rubber base which stops it slipping around on the desk.
The addition of the USB 3.1 and Soundcard are good, giving some added value to what may be described as just a glowing stand.
This could be true unless you have bought in,or plan to buy in, to Corsair’s RGB ecosystem as then they make much more sense. In my case they sync up with my mouse using their CUE software and lighting link.

If I had a Corsair keyboard then I could sync that too, and maybe in a year sync all this to the corsair lighting system in my case for some serious wow.

That is where we are in 2017 a bunch of devices that glow and may sync with something or nothing, lacking a standard API communications system to integrate it all together.

so if this became part of the corsair SyncIT suite when(if) they finish it.

so lets hope that the suite becomes a reality. It would also be great if other manufactures like razer and cooler master also introduced their idea on how to get all the RGB devices to sync.
Because at present I have to go through at least four different pieces of software just to change a colour  across the whole PC and it is a bit of a grind.

Good Points:
Quality of construction
Quality of the finish
Extra added functions/value, the 7.1 sound is pretty good.
The monolith sci-fi presence it has

Bad Points:
The part where the headphones sit is flat and not rounded the edges. It almost feel raised (sharpish) it puts unnecessary dents in the foam of the headphones.
A little pricey but it is labelled premium.
The lighting, although good, could do with some extra work. Perhaps a thicker band and maybe lift the base up and have under lighting too.
The Corsair logo looks a bit rough compared to the other ones around me (the sails are connected together making it look rushed). Remember it is labelled premium and it is all the little details that prove it.




Model CA-9011167-EU  ST100

Review for Corsair LL120 120 mm RGB PWM Fans (Pack of 3).

Having just received a free retail sample of these fans I was keen to see how they compared to my older hd120’s

This pack contains everything that you need to have a software controlled fan setup.

ll120 fans 1

In the Box

3 x LL120 fans and fan screw bags
CORSAIR Lighting Node PRO controller (for the software control) 3m pads to stick it to your case
led fan connector for just the led fan cables with 3m pad on back
connector wire to go to led fan connector
quick guide


As soon as they were installed I could see where they are an improvement over previous incarnations of the HD120 and SP120 rgb fans. these new fans are a hybrid of the previous models with many improvements.


Led lighting seems brighter and is now diffused around the outer edge (my favourite part).
Now has led’s on the inner core of the fan blade as well as outer edge.
Retains similar Static pressure fan blades but they have a bit of an airflow curve too, great on radiators and alone inside a case.
much better fan rpm range 600  to 1500 +/- in my case 630rpm to 1630rpm making them quieter than the HD120’s (HD’s range from 830 to 1800rpm +/-)


The casing of the fan is now the standard black plastic, which is a shame because the clear hd120’s looked really good. Did corsair forget most people will see them side on most of the time when sitting at the PC. Possible reason is to counter the extra costs in these newer fans.
Loses at least 200rpm on the top end if running PC at high loads for long periods. (Video editing, bench/stress testing)

Now seems quite an expensive kit put is actually slightly cheaper than my purchase of 3 hd120’s and the lighting node pro separate.

Separate connectors for the lighting and node pro + having to connect the pwm to the fan headers. That is a lot of extra cables to manage.



I would however recommend the ll120 over the now ageing HD120’s because they just look nicer than the hd120’s and sound much quieter. The lighting was always a little harsh in my opinion on the outer edge of the HD’s and a little lackluster on the SP120 rgb’s and I am really liking the diffused outer ring. The colours on the LL120 look a bit nicer and who doesn’t wont extra lighting modes like arc and pong.

Are we 4k Ready (UK)


Are we 4K ready in the UK?


4K TV, 4k Gaming are some of the newer buzz phrases going about it’s business gaining hype.
But are we ready for it.

OK so when I think about 4k ready I first think about the past and what the HD ready situation was like.  So you but that shiny HD TV and pull it out of the box and start it up.

Can you watch HD now, well no at the time every service was in standard definition and TV/Sky we busy getting their offering ready. SO the term HD ready was right it was ready but there was nothing to plug in that would show how nice it was all going to look, a hype bubble burst.

Of course Sky brought out their HD Sky boxes, TV stations started airing HD channels (but not many even now) Then the Sony PlayStation came out with a way of cheaply watching Blu-ray discs.

Blu-ray players had started coming out before but they had been more expensive than the TV, but the PlayStation made it a bit more compelling.

Then with all this in place the labelling changed a bit instead of hd ready it kind of became full HD to clearly let you know that it was full 1080p TV and available services out of the box plus whatever you plugged in.

Here we are again with 4K and more services are in place than ever before but a 4K Tv is still limited out of the box.

A lot of the services are online and recommend a download stream of at least 20-30mb, which while a large percentage can achieve this there is still a very large chunk of the UK that cannot muster this.
Rural Internet while getting better it just not 4K ready, but it is getting there.

Here below I made a video making fun of the situation.